Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Too Busy to Get Busy, Yet Too Legit to Quit

Hey guys.

So, today was my last real day in high school. While I'd like to say that's a good thing, finals and shit have put me behind of my schedule. I'm still willing to do the blog, as I have a small tie to networking through my major in college. However, I have only so much to say and only so many days in which I can say them.

All things considered, I'm gonna have to lump a lot of things into this one entry. First, I will post the list of what I will and will not post for the time being.

Will Not Post
+ Anything prom related.
Prom's done for me, and everyone else hoping to go to prom probably has their shit together. Come back around May '10, and I'll have some tips and whatnot.
+ Full finale posts of HK and ANTM.

Neither season was that interesting, and, although the Hell's Kitchen finale was the best since the first season, I kindof don't feel like blogging them. I'll just say congratulations to Teyona and Danny for winning America's Next Top Model 12 and Hell's Kitchen 5 respectively. Teyona, you weren't my favorite, but you were the only one who consistently delivered, so I'll take it. You deserved your win, most definitely. Good on you, girlie. And Danny, you were my favorite, so definitely best of luck with everything. You're fabulous.
+ Make Me A Supermodel recaps until the final four.
I'm pretty sure I know who's out this week, and I'm already not happy about it. It's not that I'm getting bored with the season, I just don't exactly know how to recap it anymore. I don't really like my style of ranking them and critiquing them. I'd rather do it a lot like Survivor, but I need the episodes to do it so I can make caps. We'll see how things go. PS, Jordan, you're gonna go far. Don't let this dumb elimination get you down - you'll rock the world again sometime soon.
+ Coach's last Survivor episode.
Because I already touched up on it in my pre-finale thing, so why bother? Besides, my opinions on Erinn and Coach have changed over the finale, so it's better if I just keep my opinions for that.

Will Post
+ At least four Survivor Tocantins related posts.
One involving an obvious comparison, one involving the finale, one involving the reunion, and one involving the ranking of the cast. It's bound to be fun.
+ Possibly things involving The Fashion Show.
It just really depends on if I can get more into it. We shall see tomorrow if I catch it.
+ Anything interesting that pops up.
Of course.

Also, hey, Toca kids. Let's do interviews. I have cool questions to ask. No really, JT, Stephen, Tyson, Joe, Coach, any of you reading this, let's play - interviewing can be fun, despite me not knowing how to do it vocally and it not being as cool via text. But still - it'd be awesome.

That's all for now. New post tomorrow. Sounds like a plan.

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