Friday, May 1, 2009

Overall list of what I intend to recap

So, certain shows I would usually recap are nearing their end, so I don't find it necessary to blog them anymore. Sure, Survivor counts too, but I also like Survivor a lot more. I figured I'd take this post to explain what I will and will not recap for the duration of Reality TV season.

What I will recap this season
Survivor Tocantins
Make Me a Supermodel 2
The Fashion Show (coming soon)

What I will not recap this season (due to finales coming up too soon)
America's Next Top Model
Hell's Kitchen
The Amazing Race

What I will probably never recap
American Idol (never cared before)
Dancing with the Stars (^)
So You Think You Can Dance (^)
Any dating reality show (gross)
Lost (lost interest)
Heroes (^)
House (never cared)
Any other doctor show (^)

What I will recap (in general)
Top Chef
Hell's Kitchen
Make Me a Supermodel
America's Next Top Model
Robin Hood BBC
Lie To Me
Project Runway
The Fashion Show
The Amazing Race

On top of that, I'll post reviews and whatnot on other things, such as movies, albums, people's clothes, and shit like that. I know this should've been post before the Survivor recap, but Cest la vie.

I will post my in general thoughts on ANTM, HK, and the Amazing Race probably later today. I'm still in school right now. Also, expect the most epic review on Survivor sometime in the future. This episode was ballin'. Totally ballin'.

Will blog again soon~!

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