Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busch Gardens 4/25 Evaluation

I might as well actually review something for once. I meant to get in a review on last week's Survivor in before this week's episode, but that never happened. I'll cram both last and this past episode into one, so expect it either Monday or Tuesday.

So, I went to Virginia Beach with my school's music department for Fiesta-val. Band, dance, and orchestra don't really matter to me because I'm not part of either section, but I'll be happy to announce that the choir swept every single first place trophy. So good. =)

The awards ceremony was held in Busch Gardens. It was overly packed and hot as balls, but I guess it was fun. It was no Disney World, that's for damn sure, but it was fun in its own way. So, although I fail and don't have pictures, let's talk about all the things I rode. (Ladies....)

Honorary Mention: The Big Bad Wolf

We actually never got to go on the Big Bad Wolf because it broke. I'm only mentioning it to complain that it took an hour and a half to get through half of the line of a fucking kid roller coaster. Fail. Oh well, the line provided entertainment. We really wanted to ride it though.

9. Train

As expected, the train that takes you from Italy or whatever to New France gets the lowest ranking for being, well, the train. Does anything interesting happen on the train rides? No. Unless you have my friends and I spouting "Ladies" jokes the entire time. Still, it was as boring as you would expect.

8. Trade Winds

Also known as the "flying bobs" if you need a reference. They need to fix it so the lap bar is more secure. My friend Cole said he wanted to pick me up and throw me onto the ride like a poker ball or something. I could've easily done that without him - I was pretty much flying all over the place. It was kinda fun, but it's a typical fair ride. Nothing too special about it.

7. Fun House

I don't know the name of this event, but it was a hell of a lot of fun. I just wish I didn't wear flip flops. The bouncing net thing got scary after a while. Let's face it, it's rated this low because it wasn't a ride, but you can't say no to a fun house.

6. Dark Kastle

Longest line ever, much? We waited essentially an hour and forty-five minutes-ish for this silly ride because we heard it was just like the Spiderman ride in Universal. The concept was actually really cool, and it was fun to react to all the 3D effects, I'll give it that. But was it worth the wait? Absolutely not. The ride needed to be longer and the ending was shit. Also, we got wet for no apparent reason. We weren't near water when he decided we should get sprayed. Idk, it was weird. If I had to chose between this and Spiderman, I would definitely chose Spiderman. It was fun though, and kinda scary. At the same time, if I had to chose between Dark Kastle and Disney's Haunted Mansion, as scary as it is, I would re-ride the Haunted Mansion. Not even gonna lie.

5. The Catapult

Also known as the Scrambler. Another typical fair ride, but we strategically picked cars that would pass each other, just so Jon and Adam would high five each other. It was amazing.

4. Swings

Sorry, but you can never pass up the swings. Never. So good.

3. Lochness Monster

The double loop isn't really that scary -it's not like two cars are going through the loops at one time like I expected. However, it was a really fun ride and it had the best length of time ever. Also, I enjoyed cutting the line. Not gonna lie.

2. Alpengeist

This is only at two because of the line entertainment and thrill factor. Hands down, Alpengeist won me over with the thrill factor. I don't like to scream on roller coasters because, I don't know, they're not thtat scary. I was screaming for a lot of Alpengeist. However, it wasn't long enough. I think if it had the same length of time as Lochness, it would've been absolutely perfect. Still, it was a lot of fun and much better than trying to last through the Griffon. Scary shit, man.

1. Turkish Delight

Also known as TEA CUPS! Due to Alpengeist's shitty duration, and to the pure awseomeness that is the Tea Cup ride, there's not much of competition betweent he two. Tea Cups win. So much fun.

Rides I didn't ride
Griffon (I'm afraid of heights. I can do most rollercoasters, but most roller coasters don't have a random vertical drop. Seriously, that shit was freightening.)
Apollo's Chariot (We didn't have time and it looked boring)
The Big Bad Wolf (see honorable mention)
any of the dragon rides (I might be small, but come the fuck on)
Carousel (My friends rode it while I was wasting away in the Alpengeist line with the others)
Battering Ram (The ship ride. We ran out of time)
Bumper Cars (No time)

Overall, Busch Gardens, VA is okay. I give it maybe a 6.5 or a 7 out of 10? Nothing too terribly exciting. Nothing at all compared to Disney.

Talk about Survivor, sickies, and sammiches tomorrow or Tuesday. Story of this season is how much of a sadist Sierra makes me sometimes (and how I am in love with JT). I used a lot of 'S' words in this sentence. Sweet.

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