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More than a Bird, Less than a Model. || Make Me a Supermodel 2 episode 8

I'm definitely procrastinating on math right now.

So, I really want to get Survivor's blog up tomorrow since I can't do it Tuesday, so this week, no caps. Maybe next week.

Last week, Amanda cried. Oh wait, that's every week. Well, Salome won back to back challenges, even though Jordan did an overall better job. Everyone decides to pick on Salome for being clueless. Laury and Kerryn were eliminated. Kerryn should've stayed over Colin and Amanda. Laury was really mean to Salome, and it made her look like a jerk. Overall, despite the decent photos for the most part, this episode was pretty dull considering the hype of a double elimination. It's not like no one got their predictions right on at least one of them.

Okay, let's talk about some cows.

I mean, models.

Basically, how I'm gonna blog MMAS is by going down the line of contestants from who I like the most, to who I like the least, to who was eliminated. Similar to how I blog for Survivor only without including challenges and shit. Just fyi.

This photoshoot was kinda cool. I'd much rather them pose with zoo animals than farm animals, but I don't know how many badass zoos are in New York. I can only assume, but still. Besides, farmers and cowboys and whatnot are used very often in ad campaigns, so why not.

As usual, Jonathan delivers in his photo pretty much flawlessly. He's always been a strong model, and considering how he hasn't been fading yet, he's a shoe-in for the final four, if not final two. He's pretty much perfect. He has the body, the face, the walk... I honestly have yet to see anything wrong with Jonathan. He's pretty much perfect.

That's a positive, of course, but a negative as well for me. Jonathan's great and everything. Maybe too great. I thought he was the best this week, no doubt, but he's pretty much too good for the competition. He hasn't had a legitimate bad shot yet, let alone a bad week. He's constantly praised. Jonathan seems as if he can do no wrong. So...what is he doing here? He's too good for the competition. He should be out there working, not fiddling around with some reality show. I don't know, I adore the man, dearly, but his immense amount of skill might be too much for me to really root for him. Oh well, he better be in the final two anyway, or else something is legitimately wrong.

Sandhurst has been my preshow favorite, and has never truly let me down, despite not being the best every week. It's about damn time he won a go-see. I liked Jonathan's photo better, but it's about time. Sucks he couldn't book the job, but his thunder thighs song was cute. As usual, Sandhurst delivered on the runway. It's good to see my preshow favorite not let me down. (unlike a certain other preshow favorite, but I'll get to him in a bit)

I think Sandhurst is the guy I'm rooting for. It's very hard to say. I have a soft spot for Branden, and Jonathan is just amazing, but I feel as if I should be rooting for Sandhurst. He's just very strong in his deliveries, and he's just relatively on top of it. I definitely want him and Jonathan in the final two, no doubt. That is, if it comes down to a final two. Last year, it was just four. In MMAS Aus, it was three (PS, I'd love to know when the next season of that is. I miss girls like Shanina and guys like Tom and Rhys). So I don't know. I'm pretty confident Sandhurst will be in the final four - hopefully that will mean more than another favorite of mine winning fourth place (goddammit, Perry).

I love Salome. I do. I felt really bad for her last week.

She's not my favorite girl, but she is absolutely gorgeous and her photo was great. It was good to see someone who understood the shoot do well (unlike another girl, but we'll get to her later.). I don't remember her catwalk though.

I don't think Salome will make it to the final four, unfortunately, due to her body. She has a stunning face and has done very well throughout the competition, especially last week with her back to back wins, but the body's gonna kill her in the end. It's sad, especially because, since Kerryn left, there are no girls left in the competition, that are good models, that have perfect bodies. (Keyphrase was obviously "that are good models")

I don't really think Branden's photo is his best, but I think people are too negative. It's not a bad shot. It's just not perfect when you compare it to all of his other photos (minus the water week shot).

Despite how much I hated him in the beginning, I almost want to root for Branden because he has been photographing really well, and he does seem very chill now. I don't really pay much attention to his walk though, and he is rather cocky. He will have a good career no matter what. I think he's pretty underrated. Now that Colin decided to suck at modeling, I'm hoping Branden's my final four filler.

I'm only putting Jordan's photo here because I like her. I think this was definitely her worst week. She is such a good model, with such a great look and walk, but this photo is just bad. I felt bad for her - I'm sure she didn't like posing with a horse. I saw on the outtakes though that she did the same pose as Amanda...and was better at it. Why am I not surprised?

You have to give her credit though. Love her or hate her, she admitted this wasn't her strongest shot. For someone who everyone thinks is so smug, that's showing decency. Jordan hatred has never really made that much sense to me anyway.

She should be in the final four. I have a feeling she'll be robbed by Mountaha, but she should be in the final four. Again, I think the body issue will come into play as she does not have the best of hips (it seems more like her bone structure than anything. Her hip bone is gonna poke someone's eye out someday), but let's face it. Mountaha's body isn't perfect either. Fuck the haters, I love Jordan. She's fabulous.

Also, editors need to stop showing the million clips of her saying how much she hates Amanda. Yes, Jordan is probably discussing this all the time, so yes, it's probably her fault too, but she can't help the fact that Amanda's the worst thing that could happen to this season. I don't care if she's pretty, she's obnoxiously annoying. I'd be complaining just as much as Jordan if I were in her spot.

Mountaha's picture was much better than Jordan's. Hell, it was probably much better than Branden's. However, part of me thinks she's a little...overrated.

Don't get me wrong, I adore her as a person. I think she's got one of the best personalities in the house. But as a model? I'm not a big fan of her look. She's been fabulous the past two weeks or so, but I think her look is an aquired taste because I have never understood her appeal. I think she'll be in the final four. I think Jordan should, but Mountaha will probably make it there. Cest la vie, I at least like her as a person.

Ugh. Gross.

Amanda was a preshow favorite, but I've hated her ever since the mirror shoot. She's just painfully annoying to listen to, and she's a terrible model. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, but a shit model. She can't walk, she can't take photos, she can't do her hair (in confessionals, seriously? It's always a mess). She's just awful. I can see why Jordan dislikes her. I'm shocked she has as many fans as she does. You can't hate Jordan for being honest about Amanda. It's Survivor's Tyson vs Sierra all over again.

I really don't care how slamming her body is anymore. If she lasts any longer, I'm gonna pull an Amanda and cry the Amazon a new river. She just doesn't deserve to last any longer. Too many chances. She should've gone last week over Kerryn. Fact.

Another preshow favorite. I actually don't hate his photo. It's just blah. Nothing great, nothing terrible. Unfortunately, aside from his shot with Branden and his water shot, almost all of his photos have been like this (I personally liked his mirror shot, but it was nothing spectacular at the same time).

I actually thought Colin was gonna last a lot longer because of his water shot. I thought he was robbed from the go-see that week, as well as from the one with Branden. Unfortunately, he was going through the phase of only doing well if the week was divisible by 3, and I'm sure the judges weren't having it.

It's sad to see him go, but honestly? It was his time. He had never been in the top, he had never won anything, and he was one of the weakest left. He arguably should've gone instead of Kerryn. I'm sad to see him go as a person, but not too much as a model. Though I'll admit, I'd feel a lot less terrible about it if he wasn't standing next to Amanda. I mean, really? Colin hasn't proven he's the model he looks like, but he was still better than Amanda. I'm pretty sure after Laury got cut, everyone was better than Amanda.

It's also sad we won't get to see him naked next week, but I'm sure he'd be too nervous about that. Poor boo.

Next week: The models are nakedddd! and Branden's testicles are bleeding. This better not take him out of the final four because I saw their shots from next week and he had one of my favorite shots.

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