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Mama, the Weeping || Make Me a Supermodel 2

This is late because senior prom is generally more important than blogging about models. Sorry to say.

You know, before I get to the actual episode, I wanna state how I'm starting to regret not wanting the voting from last season. Sure, if they kept the voting, Colin and Gabriel would still be there, and although both boys are extremely attractive, they didn't exactly deserve to stay this long. At the same time, taking the voting out of the show takes the thrill factor out. Yes, America made a lot of dumb decisions. Ben making it to the finale over Frankie and Casey? For real? Perry making only fourth place? I mean, thank God Holly won - at least that makes a bit of sense. Aryn's elimination? I'm almost still bitter. But really, let's face the facts. It's not like America's gonna be dumb and vote out Jonathan and Sandhurst. I'm not saying the show is that boring, especially since all of my favorites (I guess minus Colin in a way) are still in, but really. Something's just missing.

I guess part of it is being able to not blame the judges for a bullshit elimination. Last season, you couldn't blame Aryn's elimination on the judges, like you could Colin's this season. You had to blame the viewers, the voters, America. Now, with no voting, you have no choice but to blame the decisions on the judges, which makes it no different and no more exciting than Project Runway or America's Next Top Model (or The Fashion Show, but that lulzfest will be recapped probably on Wednesday). I guess what still puts MMAS over ANTM is that the judges are more credible on MMAS. Maybe I'm not one to judge their credibility (and I'm not one to deny how much of a douche Perou is), but they just come off as more deserving to be judges than Paulina, Nigel, and J do. At the same time, maybe that brings MMAS down. When ANTM makes a bullshit decision, it's just Paulina, Nigel, Tyra, and J making dumb decisions, which is normal. But when there's a bullshit decision made on MMAS, and judges like Jenny Shimizu and Catherine Malandrino are blamed for it, their credibility is questioned more. Do they really want to risk all that for the sake of a reality show? I mean, really?

This all being said, the elimination this week was, by NO means, a bullshit elimination.

Same as last week. I don't have time to make a legit Survivor-esque blog, and I have to have Survivor's up tomorrow (PS Finale this weekend hollaaa).

Last week was about Cows and Colin. Sandhurst sang a song about his thighs. Jordan had her first legit bad photoshoot. That's about it. NEXT.

Team Sandhurst is legit. Technically, this has been legit for a while, but it's just on now.

His photo wasn't my personal favorite, but it still had a great deal of energy and he looked great while being shot and the end result is fabulous. He was also amazing on the catwalk, despite the tickling bit (honey, I'm the same way, it's all good). He's proven he's not flawless, but that's a good thing in my opinion. The winner shouldn't be totally flawless, or else it'd be too obvious. I'm definitely hoping for a Sandhurst win. He deserved it enough this week, but I'm hoping he'll take home the gold in the end.

Hands down, best shot of the girls. Bitch has been on a roll. I don't know if it was go-see worthy, but it's a gorgeous photo. It's annoying how people criticize her shot on not having her worst feature, but give me a break. It's a good photo. If the photographer liked her the best, whether her ass was in the shot or not really isn't an issue.

Her walk, on the other hand, was pretty lame.

I think Salome, although absolutely adorable, will be the next to go. She doesn't have Jordan's fashion knowledge or Mountaha's walk. And let's face it - it's the final six. It'll be sad to see her go, as she does have the most stunning face of the group, has taken some of the best shots of the group (I think, of the girls, she's taken the most amount of good shots, especially with Jordan's missteps these past weeks), and supposedly, she cries this week. But what can you do? Everyone left is really talented, and it's probably come down to those last three pounds. Poor girl. it's okay, Salome, you'll be signed in no time. Love you, girl!

Great shot. Nothing new. Judges were a bit harsh on his whole "good, but not great" thing, but whatever. The judges were unnecessarily harsh on a lot of people.

I feel bad about the whole money deal. Jonathan's usually totally drama free, but now this shit springs up on him, and it's Perry and Amanda all over again. Although not really, as Jonathan's deal makes more sense. I hope he's able to rework things and get the money to help. I'd hate for this to be the only reason he wins though - he's near flawless already, let that be the reason he wins, if he does.

The judges were crazy with Branden. I know, it was probably hard to get this shot, but it's probably my favorite, not gonna lie. I just like everything about it, his body, his expression, the way his tie moves... I feel bad for him - he rarely takes bad pictures, but now, he's getting criticized like crazy.

His walk wasn't that good though. And the mama deal was pretty much a shoe-in plotline for the bottom two. Poor baby. You know, I hated Branden in the beginning. Sure, he had a great first picture, but he always came off as a douche before. Now, I just think he's such a sweetheart and I adore him. I hope he fixes his walk and can go further.

Also, judges, seriously? Make up your minds - do you want his confidence or not? For fucking real.

I'm not a fan of her photo. Profile is not the way to go for her, and she could've done a different pose (I don't have a link, but her outtake photo was so much better in my opinion, although profile is still not her best angle). I blame the shoes partially, but I just don't think her photo's that great. At least the crack isn't "too severe" anymore (Hahaha, retouch notes are funny).

Her walk was amazing though, I'll give her that. She looked so pretty with the butterflies lying on her face.

Jordan's picture isn't that bad, but her pick in the bag pretty much ruins it. Her hips aren't much better than Salome's, but no one complained about how they're cropped out of the picture by the bag. Not really that fair. Still, Catherine Malandrino was way too anal about her photo. Seriously, bitch, the photographer loved her shot. It was her first frame. Back up off the poor girl's tits.

Her runway wasn't as strong this week, but she looked gorgeous. Though that isn't hard for her to do.

What else is there to say? Awful shot by an awful model.

Lame catwalk as well.

It's really funny how she was supposed to be the sexy girl of the group, and she has the worst and least sexy shot of the group. With the exception of her candy shot (which had no more effort than Jordan's did, other than the make up, so I don't want to hear it), all of her photos have been complete and utter shit. She's never been that good on the catwalk. The only thing she's ever really had for her on the show is her body. That's all.Show all

I don't know why I liked her preshow. She's a lame model with an absolutely unbearable personality. Again, Jordan might complain a bit too much about Amanda, but it's all worthy. Girl is obnoxious. Also, props for Salome on the excuses bit. Amanda has always ridden her way through the competition on the coattails of excuses.

Also, that "I don't want my son to turn out gay" comment was repulsive. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who thinks that.

Whatever. She's gone. Finally. Now, I can enjoy the rest of the season.

Next week (aka this Wednesday): I honestly can't remember. Salome cries. That's gonna break my heart. Branden cries. That will too. Ugh, this cast.

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  1. OMFG, ITA about the "I don't want my son to be gay," comment. WTF. If I hadn't already been hating on her, that would have made me start. So hard. Ugh.

    This cast isn't grabbing me as much as last season's. I mean, I adored Holly. Adored her. But I have no idea who's going to win this season. Jordan seems like the strongest girl, if only because she actually seems like she knows what's she'd doing, and is halfway professional about it (and omg, I hope I don't have to listen to her sound like a 13-year-old whining about Amanda sucking anymore, even if it is the case).

    And whoo, yes, I was totally applauding Salome for the excuses bit, too. That was awesome. It's about time someone stood up and said that.

    Agh. Sandhurst/Johnathon/Salome FTW. I can't decide. :P